NEW ORDER plan to perform a number of Joy Division songs at Phoenix Festival on July 18...

NEW ORDER are planning to perform a number of Joy Division songs during their Phoenix Festival show on July 18.

Singer Bernard Sumner (pictured) says the band are rehearsing versions of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, ‘Heart And Soul’ and ‘Atmosphere’. He also confirms that New Order are planning to write new material together.

Sumner says he hopes the inclusion of Joy Division material in the band’s Phoenix set will be a “joyful experience”. “I was looking at the Joy Division box set (‘Heart And Soul’) the other day and realised I just can’t listen to it… it would bring too many things back. It was quite a painful experience, but I think playing the songs will be a joyful experience,” the singer reveals in an article on Rolling Stone‘s website.


Sumner says the band’s decision to play again after a six-year break came out of the blue. New Order manager Rob Gretton called Sumner in January following an offer from Phoenix Festival organiser Vince Power. “During that break, there was the thought in our minds that we were never gonna get back together or see each other again,” Sumner said. “That’s different from saying, ‘Let’s just take a holiday’. I think everyone was emotionally glad – and shocked – that we were in the same room again.

“First, I said to Rob, ‘Find out if everyone is interested’. And they were. The next step was, ‘Do we hate each other or do we like each other?’ So we decided to have a meeting and if anyone had any grudges to bear, to iron them out.”

Following a second meeting, the band decided they would write new music together. “I think we’ll try to write properly as a band again. We’ve not done that in so long – all sat there like we did in Joy Division and write songs – that I think we’ll find it quite interesting.”

Meanwhile, more details have emerged about the forthcoming New Order box set. It will feature 22 singles and is likely to be released in two separate boxes of 11 digitally-enhanced CDs. The first is scheduled for release in June. It’s planned to include seven-inch and 12″ versions of each track as well as the video and live footage. The second set is planned for release in September.

Tickets for Phoenix are available from NME‘s 24-hour Ticketline on 0800 1212 500.

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