US department store Barneys is selling Joy Division t-shirts for £171

Black Flag t-shirts can also be purchased from the store

US department store Barneys has begun selling t-shirts for bands such as Joy Division and Black Flag.

The shirts, which are designed by New York brand R13, come with a hefty price tag. A Joy Division shirt will set you back £171 ($225), while supporting the iconic punk band will cost you £202 ($265).

As Stereogum reports, the Black Flag shirt is 95 percent cotton, 5 percent cashmere and has decorative zips along its sides.

The Joy Division shirt is 93 percent cotton and 7 percent polyurethane. It does not have zips.

The store also stocks more music-related shirts in its selection of Madeworn-designed items. In that line, t-shirts for Black Sabbath, Run-DMC and The Cure are available for £133 ($175).