Peter Hook says he wants to release Joy Division tapes found in a bin to the public

Bassist keen to get hold of outtakes and original masters being sold by a former studio assistant

Peter Hook has revealed that he is in discussions with a former studio assistant who is selling tapes of Joy Division outtakes and original masters with a view to releasing them officially.

As reported earlier this year, original copies of early recordings by both Joy Division and New Order that were found after they had been thrown away have now been put up for sale by Julia Adamson, a former assistant to producer Martin Hannett.

Adamson discovered the original masters and outtakes from albums such as Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ as well as music by New Order, The Psychedelic Furs, Magazine and many more years ago, but is now selling the physical copies after digitising them in 2008.

However, Hook is keen to have the tapes for himself and plans to release the recordings to fans if he gains possession of them. Speaking to Pitchfork he said, “I’ve been trying to get Martin Hannett’s outtakes. We did actually amass a big pile of tapes of Martin Hannett’s, and these are the next part of Martin’s collection. Warner Bros has reissued a hell of a lot of Joy Division stuff, but it’s just the same stuff over and over. It’d be nice to issue something that fans would love and cherish. Hopefully these tapes will enable us to do something different.”

However, the poor state of Hook’s relationship with his former Joy Division and New Order bandmates is holding the process up. “I’m contesting their right to the trademark,” says Hook. “So everything to do with Joy Division is stopped while that is sorted out. There are so many bootlegged Joy Division/Martin Hannett tapes, a lot of really bad bootlegs on the internet.”

Hook also discussed his feelings upon seeing the tapes for the first time, comparing them to old love letters. “On those boxes, it’s mostly my handwriting. I was in the studio, and I used to fill in the boxes for Martin. It’s odd, like finding an old diary tucked away at the back of a cupboard. I got some tapes recently that had Bernard’s handwriting on them. It’s always a strange thing. While your relationship may sour over the years, it is a bit like finding an old love letter.”

Adamson previously offered to sell the tapes to all the artists and their record companies. She is keen for a collector to take them from her following discussions with Peter Hook, who she has described as “not a happy bunny”.