Peter Hook to re-record Joy Division songs for new EP

Bassist will work with former Happy Mondays singer Rowetta

Peter Hook has revealed that he is recording a 4-song EP of Joy Division songs.

The bassist will work with his band The Light and former Happy Mondays singer Rowetta.

“She [Rowetta] wants us to record an EP of the four [Joy Division songs] that she sings [live],” Hook told “Which are ‘Insight’, ‘New Dawn Fades’, ‘Atmosphere’ and a track called ‘Pictures’.”

“So we’re going to do an EP of that,” he continued. “Just because the versions of the songs with Rowetta singing have a really nice quality.”

Earlier this year, Hook told NME that the 1978 song ‘Pictures’, which he finished off, had a “beautiful madness”.

“It’s so punky,” he explained. “Its on the cusp of Warsaw and Joy Division and it sort of showed that beautiful madness. Ian Curtis‘ lyrics gave it that depth, and the music just developed around his focus really and that’s why I really liked it.”

Hook is set to take Joy Division’s classic album ‘Unknown Pleasures’ on a tour of the US next month.

Meanwhile, former Joy Division drummer Stephen Morris will take part in a question and answer session in London on December 8, to coincide with the release of ‘+-‘ – a box set of Joy Division seven-inch records.