Peter Hook to ‘help struggling bands’ with his new club FAC251

The club will open in Manchester on February 5

Former Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook has revealed that he is going to “help struggling bands” with his new club, FAC251.

Housed at the site of the former Factory Records offices in Manchester, Hook explained that “we’re putting our money where our mouth is” to help the next generation of bands.

“When I was starting out I had so many problems getting gigs and it’s the same today,” Peter Hook told NME.COM. “I speak to a lot of bands from Manchester who say they struggle, as a lot of venues wont let them play unless they sell 50 tickets. They’re getting very disenchanted with it all, and that’s sad.”

He added: “I’ve always found Manchester to be a very fair place and always wanting to strive and move forward and we’re gonna be part of that, and we’re putting our money where our mouth is.”

Set to open on February 5, Hook also revealed that he is hoping that former Smiths‘ bassist Andy Rourke will be joining him, former Stone Roses and Primal Scream bassist Mani and vocalist Gary Briggs, to play as Freebass on the opening night.

As well as showcasing new music, FAC251 will also be “pulling in a lot of favours” to attract established names to the 450-capacity venue, with some big announcements due to be made next week.

Having already confirmed DJ sets by the likes of Happy MondaysShaun Ryder, The CharlatansTim Burgess, Little Boots, Mani and Hook himself, the hard work isn’t over, with building work yet to be completed at the venue.

“Being an independent club owner is tough, at the end of the day you’re gonna stand and fall by how well you run it,” Hook explained. “I’m hoping the experience I’ve had in the 16 years we ran The Haçienda will help and that [club director] Aaron Mellor with his business expertise will be the missing piece of the puzzle.”

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