Joy Division/New Order manager’s notebooks to be published

Rob Gretton's scribblings include several alternative names for New Order

A new book of previously-unpublished notes written by Joy Division and New Order manager Rob Gretton are to be published on October 7.

‘1 Top Class Manager’ has been compiled by Gretton‘s widow Lesley Gilbert.

The book condenses over 20 notebooks written by Gretton between 1978 and 1980 into one volume. It includes posters, diary entries, letters, to-do lists and studio notes.

One entry details the time Joy Division played a practical joke on touring partners Buzzcocks by throwing eggs at them and releasing mice onto the stage.

Another appears to be a list of new band names for Joy Division to use after the death of frontman Ian Curtis.

Although the band eventually settled on renaming themselves New Order, Man Ray is highlighted in the list, which also includes Radical Jesuits, Arab Legion and Sons Of God.