Joy Division man appeals for return of Ian Curtis’ memorial

'Its ridiculous and very upsetting' says Stephen Morris of theft

Joy Division and New Order drummer Stephen Morris has spoken to NME.COM about the recent stealing of Ian Curtis’ gravestone..

Hearing that the stone had been taken from its site at a cemetery in Macclesfield, Morris said he could not comprehend why someone would take it.

“I just don’t understand why anyone would do it,” he said. “You couldn’t sell it on eBay – it’s ridiculous and very upsetting.”


He added: “There had been the [Joy Division] films (the 2007 ‘Control’ movie and the recent eponymous documentary) so maybe someone thought they could cash in… or maybe it’s someone who is a bit deranged – you’d have to be.”

The drummer explained that he and those associated with the band and Curtis‘ family were upset by the theft.

“I’m speechless. It really is not a very nice thing at all,” he said.

Morris then urged the culprit to “have a bit of dignity about it” and to anonymously leave the gravestone somewhere it could be found.


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