Joy Division members: ‘wish we’d done more for Ian Curtis’

Stephen Morris, Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner remember singer

New Order and former Joy Division members Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner have been sharing their thoughts on late member and friend Ian Curtis on the eve of new biopic ‘Control’.

The film – which centres around the life and suicide of Curtis, whose epilepsy and depression led to his suicide on May 18 1980 – has been both a deeply personal and upsetting reminder for his former members.

Each one has recalled the torment Ian Curtis faced when dealing with his epilepsy, at a time when the condition was little understood and often ridiculed.

“People thought he was on drugs because of the way he performed,” Bernard Sumner explained to The Sun‘s Something For The Weekend, “but he never took drugs. He was just losing himself in the music.”

Curtis was diagnosed with epilepsy in 1979 and the medication he was subsequently prescribed only added to his depression.

Speaking of his friend’s turmoil, Stephen Morris added, “Looking back, I wish I’d helped him more. I think that all the time… But we were having such a good time, and you’re very selfish when you’re young. Epilepsy wasn’t understood then. People would just say, ‘He’s a bit of a loony – he has fits.'”

Despite the painful memories the new biopic brings, Hook insisted the release of the film is a positive thing.

“I’m glad ‘Control’ shows how important Ian‘s role was in the band,” he said. “He was the driving force who held it together when we were upset or down. He’d always inspire us to keep trying.”

The film ‘Control’ will hit screens on October 5 with the soundtrack out on October 1.