A new photo exhibition opens at the site of a historic 1979 gig...

Previously unseen photographs of a seminal Joy Division gig are being exhibited, to mark the 25th anniversary of singer IAN CURTIS’ death.

The pictures were taken at a seminal early show at Bowdon Vale Youth Club in South Manchester in 1979, and are now being exhibited now at Hale Library, the nearest available venue to the youth club, now a post office.

The gig took place three months before the release of the band’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ album, in front of just 150 teenagers.

Photographer Martin O’Neill was an eager 18-year-old when the shots were taken. He says now: “Frankly I can’t remember too much, just being told to ‘fuck off’ by Peter Hook when I climbed on the stage and then being scared to death when Ian Curtis started dancing. Beyond that the only other thing I remember was thinking Stephen Morris is a really good drummer.

“It’ll be interesting to see how many people claimed to be there on the night though. I’d really like to meet other people who genuinely were there, but this could end up a bit like the [url=]Sex Pistols at the Free Trade Hall which everyone seems to claim to have witnessed.”

The exhibition opens at Hale Library, Leigh Road, Hale on May 3 and runs until May 7. Shots can be viewed [url=]here.