Classic, shambolic Preston gig will be first full JD live album...

Factory Records will release ‘Fractured Music Archive Preston’, the first ever full Joy Division live album on May 31, a recording of a full gig complete with technical breakdowns and ugly crowd noises. Although live Joy Division material appeared on ‘Still’ and the recent boxed set, this is the first full (legal) recording of a gig by Joy Division, a mere 19 years after the event.

In the sleeve notes Factory label boss Tony Wilson writes

“This is not a memento; this is a gig


This is not a souvenir or shifty “not the best of”; this is a gig

This is not bootleg chic; this is just a gig

Just a gig by one of the greatest bands that ever lived and wrote and played.

It was Preston. It seems that whenever bands went North, or even slightly North they got trouble. Blackburn meant serious violence for Stockholm Monsters and Happy Mondays. Bastards. Bury meant the night of the JD riot. You can blame Gretton; and the guy who threw the pint pot ’cause Ian only did three numbers and he didn’t like the sight of Simon Topping coming back on stage….And this gig in Preston. Equipment malfunction. Mostly no function.

“One of the tape’s the Preston – gig worse ****** gig we ever did. Complete breakdown of bloody everything. A shambles”. Pause “You’d probably like it, got what you call attitude.” Sneer. Grin.

The Preston Gig – You’d feel privileged if you went to this gig; privileged to have been a youth in Preston in 1980. Like everyone you ever meet from Hoboken who remember New Order at Maxwell’s on Main Street. It’s called having a well timed life.


We hope that this is well timed.

Rarely do appendices, footnotes to history, which is all this is, feel like history. Feel like a piece of time breaking apart.

As the world changes, electronically, we might ask “Why do we have 70 minute CD’s”. Because Karajan told the Sony boys that was the length of his new recording of Beethoven‘s fifth? No, we have 70 minute CD’s so you can go to a Joy Division gig.

The full tracklisting is

Incubation Wilderness 24 Hours The Eternal Heart & Soul Shadowplay Transmission Disorder Warsaw Colony Interzone She’s Lost Control

The legacy of Joy Division is felt to this day – at the recent Bowlie Weekender Mogwai covered ’24 Hours’ with Stuart Braithwaite singing using the Ian Curtis biography ‘Touching From A Distance’.

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