Judge rules Tory Lanez violated Megan Thee Stallion’s restraining order

Lanez has been ordered to pay an additional $60,000 in bail, bringing his total up to $250,000

Tory Lanez has been ordered to pay additional bail after a judge was ruled that he violated Megan Thee Stallion‘s protective order against him.

TMZ reports that Los Angeles judge Keith H. Borjon made the ruling yesterday (August 23), following Lanez’s surprise appearance at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami last month. Lanez performed onstage with DaBaby – whose own appearance at the event proved controversial – shortly after Megan performed a set of her own.

Lanez is currently barred from attending any events Megan is also scheduled to appear at, after Megan accused Lanez of shooting her last July. Lanez was initially charged with assault, before Megan was granted a protective order – ruling that Lanez cannot contact or come within 100 yards of her – that October.


Lanez pled not guilty to the charges that November, and in January, launched a bid to discuss the allegations made against him; as part of Megan’s protective order, it was ruled Lanez was not allowed to openly speak on the incident.

As a result of Lanez’s appearance at Rolling Loud, he’s been ordered to pay an additional $60,000 (£43,700) in bail, bringing his total up to $250,000 (£182,000).

Billboard reports that Lanez narrowly avoided a court-ordered tracking device, with his attorney Shawn Holley arguing that, “It was a unique circumstance, errors in judgement were made, but this can easily be prevented from happening again.”

It’s reported that prosecutor Kathy Ta rebutted Holley’s argument, saying: “I don’t think music festivals are unique, I think if anything, they happen rather frequently. This was not a situational circumstance.

“The share [sic] amount of effort it required [for Lanez] to get to this venue and do everything that he did, I think that speaks volumes about his conduct. It wasn’t by chance and it wasn’t a situational situation, it was by design.”


Judge Borjon stated that Lanez was “really fortunate” to be granted leniency in the case, noting: “You’re facing years in prison, over 22 years in prison. They could have filed an additional charge based on violating the protective order because that’s a violation of law as well.

“You do not want to be doing things like this sir. You have the means and the where with all and a lot of smart people around you to advise you as to how you should be conducting your life so we don’t have to have hearings like this.”

Lanez is scheduled to return to court next Thursday (September 2).

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