Juice WRLD on allegations made against Michael Jackson in ‘Leaving Neverland’: “He had a career. Why would he do that stuff?”

"We should let legends rest"

Juice WRLD has continued to speak up to defend the legacy of Michael Jackson following the recent allegations of child sexual abuse made against the late star in the Leaving Neverland documentary.

The ‘Lucid Dreams’ rapper sat down with NME for this week’s Big Read and was asked about a recent tweet of his where he urged people to “let the legend rest” following the abuse allegations made against Jackson.


“As far as Michael Jackson goes, I look at it like this,” he began. “He has kids, right? He had a career. Why would he do that stuff? It’s kinda the same thing as Bill Cosby – they only wanted to stop him from getting a TV network like Oprah.

“We should let legends rest, if you don’t have evidence that he did what you’re saying he did. The only evidence we have about Michael Jackson is that we was very talented.”

Commenting on T.I.‘s recent claims that Leaving Neverland is part of an “agenda” to destroy black culture, Juice said he “couldn’t agree more” with Tip’s opinion.

“There’s an agenda to destroy OUR CULTURE.” – T.I.

“At the same time, though,” he added. “People are crazy. Stuff does happen. People are sick in the head. But people take advantage of that, and then they mix that with destroying black careers and destroying black excellence.

“Don’t get me wrong – they broke all types of people. Charlie Sheen was strung out on all types of stuff. Shia Labeouf. But Michael Jackson was so talented, hardworking. He changed the world with his music. Literally. Once, when I was performing, I looked out in the crowd and there was this couple crying tears of joy. Michael Jackson used to have a whole crowd doing that.”


Jackson denied any wrongdoing before he died in 2009, and his nephew Taj recently confirmed to NME that he was working on a counter-documentary to dispute the claims made in Leaving Neverland.

Meanwhile, Juice WRLD‘s second album ‘Death Race for Love’ recently topped the Billboard 200 in the first week of its release.

The rapper’s first number one album, it sold a total of 165,000 copies in the first week, including 120,000 streaming equivalent albums (SEAs).