Juice WRLD’s latest album ‘Death Race for Love’ only took four days to record

The rapper’s latest record was released on March 8

Juice WRLD has revealed that his latest album ‘Death Race for Love’ was recorded in just four days.

The record – the follow up to the rapper’s 2018 debut ‘Goodbye & Good Riddance’ – came out last week (March 8.) It received positive criticism, with NME giving the rapper’s sophomore effort four stars in a review that said, “Juice WRLD’s colourful second studio album ‘Death Race For Love’ takes emo rap to inventive new heights.”

Now, in an interview with Vulture, Juice WRLD has revealed his knack for freestyling meant the album only took days to record.


The 20-year-old explains that initially he felt pressure to exceed his first album’s success both commercially and in quality, which disrupted his song writing. But then he managed to move past his fears.

He explained: “When I got to that point. I recorded the album in four days. And it was like, after that, then I wasn’t self-conscious about dropping music no more. I wasn’t self-conscious about the album anymore…

“So just me realizing all those things, it kinda calmed my nerves about the new album. I just know I poured my soul into it. Every song but two or three of them on the new album are all freestyles, all made up in those four days.”

Earlier this week, the rapper hit out at artists that worked with writers to create their tracks and tweeted: “I don’t need anyone to right shit for me I freestyled my whole album by my mf self not knocking any writers or artist who have them but I just can’t sit here and not get the credit I deserve. with that bring said ..I FREESTYLED FAST FUCK I LOOK LIKE.”

‘Death Race for Love’ came out earlier this month and Juice WRLD is in the midst of a string of UK dates with Nicki Minaj.


However, after European shows were forced to be cancelled after technical problems, fans were reassured the UK dates will go ahead. However, on Friday (March 15) the singer cancelled the Dublin leg on her tour, blaming ‘adverse weather conditions’ that stopped her equipment arriving on time. The rapper is set to play in Glasgow tonight (March 17) before finishing up in Manchester tomorrow (March 18).

The rapper recently waded into the debate surrounding Michael Jackson following the child abuse claims made in ‘Leaving Neverland’, which aired earlier this month.

Juice WRLD spoke out in defence of the singer and said “let the legend rest.”