Julia Holter details emotional abuse from ex-Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile

The Ducktails figurehead has been accused of numerous instances of abuse

Singer-songwriter Julia Holter has accused former Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile of numerous instances of emotional abuse, writing that she “had to have a lawyer intervene and was afraid for my life.”

The guitarist and founding member of Ducktails has been accused of numerous instances of sexual abuse over the last few weeks, leading to cancelled tour dates and a statement in which Mondanile purported to be “endlessly sorry for my inappropriate behaviour”, whilst also claiming that “much of what has been written and talked about is false and defamatory.”

Now, Julia Holter – who formerly dated Mondanile – has opened up on her own experiences of Mondanile’s abuse. Writing on social media, the singer said that the allegations previously aired by victims of Mondanile “are in line with each other and they are in line with what I came to know about Matt in the past, which is that he does not have boundaries.”


She continued: “In my experience, he was emotionally abusive to the point where I had to have a lawyer intervene and was afraid for my life.”

Holter also wrote about her past experiences in attempting to deal with the lasting effects of such abuse. “This subject has been complicated for me to address because I’ve spent over two years now alone/confused about his behavior in my experience, and wondering if there was missing information. So these other accounts have helped me understand,” she writes. “When you’re in it, you question your own reality and you wonder if you are making things up or are you making a big deal out of nothing. It helps when others come forward to validate the fact that you weren’t wrong. Thank you to the women who have spoken out, and if there are others out there who find it too hard, that is understandable, and just know that you aren’t alone.”

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Posted by Julia Holter on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New Jersey indie band Real Estate parted ways with Mondanile in May 2016, with a statement at the time suggesting that Mondanile was “focusing on his own Ducktails project”. However, Mondanile’s former band recently released a new statement saying that they “fired” the guitarist due to his alleged “unacceptable treatment of women.” SPIN later published a detailed account of multiple women alleging that Mondanile had been sexually inappropriate towards them.

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