Julia Michaels responds to claims Rebecca Black plagiarised her with new song

Black had previously covered the song of Michaels' she is accused of copying

Julia Michaels has responded to claims Rebecca Black has plagiarised her with a new song.

Black recently released a new EP called ‘RE/BL’, which features the track ‘Wasted Youth’.

Listeners have pointed out since its release that the song sounds very similar to Michaels’ track ‘Uh Huh’, which Black covered earlier this year.


Stereogum also pointed out that an early acoustic version of ‘Wasted Youth’ features a chorus that is very different to the just-released studio version, which you can listen to below.

Michaels has now weighed in on the claims. Quoting Stereogum‘s tweet about the two tracks, she wrote: “Hahaha uh oh @MsRebeccaBlack.”

Hours later, she responded to a fan who wrote: “Please do your research before accusing someone of plagiarism and artist theft. Fake accusations hurt everyone.”


Michaels replied: “People can write songs 3 years ago and get them reproduced. It happens all the time. I don’t care. I’m flattered. Was an interesting article.”

Rebecca Black has yet to respond to the plagiarism claims.

Recently, Michaels spoke out about working with Linkin Park in the wake of frontman Chester Bennington’s death.

The pop star and songwriter co-wrote the band’s single ‘Heavy’ with them, but said she has “a really hard time listening to the song now.”

“I’ve listened to Linkin Park for years,” Michaels said. “When I was growing up, my brother was such a huge fan of theirs, so it was always around in my house. So it was really cool getting to work with Chester and Mike and Brad.”

She explained that the song’s themes of self-care and “dragging around” personal issues came from Bennington. “He was like, ‘I wanna write a song about how sometimes you get really weighed down by your problems, and sometimes it’s really hard to get out of that’,” she explained. “I was like, ‘Yeah, let’s do that.’ And we wrote the song in about two hours.”