Julian Casablancas plays new material – watch

Footage from the singer's recent SXSW show is now available to watch online

Following Julian Casablancasrecent performance at SXSW, where he played at Cedar Street Courtyard alongside new backing band The Voidz, footage has now appeared on YouTube of the Strokes’ frontman’s new tracks.

The gig showcased five new songs from Casablancas’ as-yet-untitled forthcoming record – the follow up to 2009’s ‘Phrazes For The Young’. The tracks were entitled ‘2231’, ‘Biz Dog’, ‘The Phantom Of Liberty (Arabic Jam)’, ‘Dr. Acula’ and ‘Ego’ – scroll down to watch.

The show followed surprise gigs over the past week in Washington DC, New Orleans and Pensacola and also saw the singer perform Strokes track ‘Ize Of The World’, taken from third album ‘First Impressions Of Earth’. Julian Casablancas also recently gave a sneak preview of his new solo album, putting a short video on YouTube showing clips of several tracks alongside arcade game-themed visuals. There is no further information regarding an album title or release date included with the video, but visitors to Casablancas’ website can sign up to pre-order the album now.


‘Biz Dog’

‘The Phantom Of Liberty (Arabic Jam)’

‘Dr. Acula’