The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas’ solo album track titles revealed

'Phrazes For The Young' is set for release in October

The StrokesJulian Casablancas has revealed the tracklisting of his forthcoming debut solo album, ‘Phrazes For The Young’.

As well as ’11th Dimension’, which Casablancas previously posted online, song titles on the eight-track album include ‘Chords Of The Apocalypse’, ‘Glass’ and ‘Tourist’.

The final running order of the album, set for release on October 26, is yet to be decided, but ‘Phrazes For The Young’ will feature the following tracks:

‘Out Of The Blue’
‘Left And Right in the Dark’
’11th Dimension’
‘4 Chords Of The Apocalypse’
‘Ludlow St’
‘River Of Brakelights’

Julian Casablancas has said that he plans to play UK live dates soonThe Strokes man made his solo live debut in Tokyo last month.