Watch Julian Casablancas talk about corruption in politics

The Strokes’ frontman interviewed cultural critic Henry Giroux

Julian Casablancas has shared a video in which he discusses government corruption and democracy with cultural critic Henry Giroux.

Casablancas filmed the encounter for the politics section of his record label’s website, Cult Records. The two speak at length about a range of issues including the influence of banks and corporations on governments, deceptive journalism and the failings of democracy.

Over the past few years, the Strokes’ frontman has become more vocal about his politic beliefs. His 2014 album with the Voidz criticised corrupt capitalism and police brutality, and the Strokes’ recent ‘Future Present Past’ EP took aim at Wall Street. Casablancas has also spoken about reading the work of writers like Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges in past interviews.


In his conversation with Giroux, Casablancas opened up about his political awakening. “I grew up thinking, ‘Democracy, we solved all those problems; they’re old problems and we fixed it.’ And frankly it’s hard to face that. It’s depressing … The struggle is whether or not you understand that there is a struggle going on.”

Casablancas added to Rolling Stone, that he intended the video to be educational.

“I just personally feel the need to help convey the poignancy of what I consider to be the truth, or at the least, to help display an alternative narrative, because it just so often gets swept under the rug,” he said.

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