Julian Casablancas announces new album from The Voidz

Watch a trailer for the return of Strokes man's side-project

Julian Casablancas and The Voidz have announced their second album.

The Strokes frontman’s ‘other’ project recently made their live return with a secret show in Los Angeles, before appearing on Brazilian TV to perform new song ‘Wink’.

Now, they’ve announced their second full-length is due next year, via RCA and Casablancas’ own label, Cult Records. While the title has not yet been revealed, it has been confirmed that the group have officially changed their name to The Voidz, rather than the previous moniker of Julian Casablancas + The Voidz.

The band have also shared a bizarre new trailer for the album, along with a statement which reads: “Due to our strong personal convictions, we wish to stress that this film in no way does not endorse a belief in the occult.”

Watch the trailer below.

Earlier this year, Casablancas gave an update on the latest news about a possible new Strokes album during an interview where he also bemoaned those music fans who just want to “listen to mainstream indie rock”.

“I don’t understand some of those people from the old school who grew up loving The Strokes and are now criticising this new exploration,” Casablancas remarked.

Talking about the state of rock music, the singer said: “I don’t think, ‘Oh, rock is dead’. There’s some hip-hop music that’s inspiring. There’s a lot of old music to rediscovered. As long as music moves forward, who cares if rock is no longer what it was?”