Julian Casablancas gives update on a new The Strokes album and the state of rock music

The singer also gave his take on the controversial 'Meet Me In The Bathroom' book.

Julian Casablancas has revealed whether or not they’ll be a new Strokes album soon, how he feels about the current state of music and the controversial ‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’ book in a new interview.

Speaking to Noisey while Casablancas tours Colombia with The Voidz, Casablancas spoke about whether Strokes fans would enjoy the more abrasive sound of The Voidz.

“f you’re interested in the evolution of music, then I’d say yes, definitely. If you want to listen to mainstream indie rock, maybe not,” Julian began: “I don’t understand some of those people from the old school who grew up loving The Strokes and are now criticising this new exploration.”


Elsewhere, Julian addressed the Lizzy Goodman book ‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’ which acts as an oral history of the New York indie scene at the time of The Strokes which contains some pretty controversial stories.

“I know Lizzy, but I was never down with the idea of writing a book about that”, Julian said. “I don’t think I can identify with that feeling. I feel like it’s weird to talk about. I don’t know; it distorts things; it’s not very precise.”

Talking about the state of rock music, the singer said: “I don’t think, ‘Oh, rock is dead’. There’s some hip-hop music that’s inspiring. There’s a lot of old music to rediscovered. As long as music moves forward, who cares if rock is no longer what it was?”

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Casablancas then addressed the rumours perpetuated by Albert Hammond Sr. that The Strokes were recording a new album with Rick Rubin.


“I’m really focused on The Voidz right now. Some new stuff will come out soon. With The Strokes, I don’t know – there’s no news right now.”

Watch Julian Casablancas perform with The Voidz make their live return from last month.

Recently, Ryan Adams took to Twitter to attack The Strokes‘ Julian Casablancas and Albert Hammond Jr, saying: “Abert Hammond is a more horrible songwriter than his dad. If that’s possible. It rains in Sthtrn CA & washes out the dirt As you were RA x”