Julian Casablancas: “The mainstream resistance to Trump completely misses the point”

Strokes frontman talks Russia Today and American dissidence

Julian Casablancas has argued how the “whole mainstream resistance” to Donald Trump “completely misses the point” because the President is “just like a symbolic facade, puppet of the real problems”.

The Strokes frontman recently spoke to Rolling Stone, admitting that he is somewhat a fan of Russia Today because the controversial TV network gives airtime to American dissidence, despite “obviously” also being pro-Putin propaganda.

“The dissident voices like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, you used to see them a little bit in the mainstream,” Casablancas said. “And now it’s so repressed that people have to go to like, RT, to speak their opinion, and now they’re trying to shut RT down.”


“It’s almost like the new Star Wars where there’s like 10 people left on a ship and that’s, like, the Resistance. That’s all that’s left.”

“[Russia Today] is giving shows to Jesse Ventura and Chris Hedges and they’re not telling them what to say,” Casablancas added. “Like. if you want to go to Russia and speak truth to Putin, you know, maybe you have to be like on an American television show or something.”

“I’m not saying RT is the answer, but my point is, is that the whole mainstream resistance to Trump, I think completely misses the point. He’s just like a symbolic facade, puppet of the real problems.”

The singer also said that race relations in America is the “number one issue to deal with” and that the country has “backtracked” on progress it had made in its recent past.

Casablancas went on to add that the situation is “definitely not hopeless”, saying: “there is hope with the internet”.

Julian Casablancas


Elsewhere in the interview, Casablancas suggested that not liking The Beatles may have helped his music.

Casablancas also recently made headlines after blaming Ed Sheeran’s success on “cultural brainwashing” and claiming that Jimi Hendrix “didn’t have hits”.

Casablancas’ The Voidz will release new album ‘Virtue’ on March 30 via RCA. It will follow their 2014 debut ‘Tyranny’.

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