Julian Casablancas reveals the album where he ‘lost sight’ of things

The musician recently released his second album with The Voidz

Julian Casablancas has revealed the one album where he felt he “lost sight” of things.

The musician released ‘Virtue‘, his second album with The Voidz, earlier this year. In a four-star review, NME said: “The Voidz and Julian might not be the most predictable band to pin down, but there are at least some things that we’ve come to expect from them: whatever they do will be interesting, unusual and thought-provoking. On ‘Virtue’, they’ve hit the jackpot with a bonus ball – fun.”

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Casablancas cited his 2009 solo album ‘Phrazes For The Young’ as the record where he went “off track”. “I realised that I would rather do what I wanted to do, because that was more where my heart was,” he said. “I really forgot. I lost sight of that. Because one of the rules I had early on always was just to do something that I thought was good.”


He also discussed people’s attitude to him still making music that he finds interesting when he could bask in The Strokes’ past glories. “Sometimes you do an interview and some people are just like, ‘Yeah. You were a big deal once,'” he said. “I get it, but also that’s not everything. I think that people overstate that and assume, ‘why would I keep trying?'”

Meanwhile, The Voidz recently announced their plans to return to the UK and Ireland for the first time in nearly four years. The band will play a series of dates in October and November, beginning in Dublin. Tickets are available for purchase here.

The Voidz will play:

Dublin, Vicar Street (October 26)
Birmingham, The Mill (27)
London, Village Underground (November 4)
Brighton, Concorde 2 (6)
Manchester, O2 Ritz (7)

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