Julian Casablancas reveals he’s been “trying to do something” with Daft Punk

The Strokes singer teamed up with the duo in 2013

Julian Casablancas has said he’s been “trying to do something” with Daft Punk again.

During a new interview The Strokes frontman was asked if he would be keen to reunite with the French duo after contributing vocals to their 2013 single ‘Instant Crush’.

“I mean, I’ve been trying to do something [with Daft Punk],” Casablancas told The Needle Drop, before explaining that the group were “not doing music right now”.


“The last I heard, one of them was focused on video stuff and the other one was kind of obsessing with ancient aliens or something,” the singer continued, addressing the pair’s elusive nature.

“I definitely would obviously be down to work with them, I mean [‘Instant Crush’] came out cool,” he added.

Looking back on the process of working on ‘Instant Crush’, which appears on Daft Punk’s fourth album ‘Random Access Memories’, Casablancas recalled how the duo approached him with “two different songs” that were later combined. “And it worked, I think,” he said.

You can hear the conversation at around the 43-minute mark in the video above.


Over the summer it was confirmed that Daft Punk were on board to score a new Tron sequel. The duo composed the soundtrack to the previous instalment: the Joe Kosinski-directed Tron: Legacy (2010).

The Strokes recently shared the official video for their latest single ‘The Adults Are Talking’, which features on their sixth album ‘The New Abnormal’.