Julian Lennon says criticism of Paul McCartney was a ‘whimsical’ joke

Singer says his comments have been "taken a little too far" and downplays spat

Julian Lennon has backtracked over his recent spat with Paul McCartney by suggesting his recent criticisms of the former Beatles legend were just a joke.

Lennon – son of late Beatles singer John – had previously posted a message on his Facebook page accusing McCartney of snubbing him at several high-profile events.

The singer insisted that McCartney had “ignored” him on the red carpet at a screening of Martin Scorsese’s new biopic George Harrison: Living In The Material World and had also not invited him to either of his wedding ceremonies to American heiress Nancy Shevell.


However, Lennon has now published a new post on his Facebook page in which insists people had taken his comments “a little too far” and that they had failed to understand his sense of humour.

He wrote:

Seems many have taken my comment from the other week a little too far… It was truly written, hand on heart, with a whimsical heart… The situation was laughable, more than anything.

Lennon went on to add: “Wasn’t whining… just stating the facts… Obviously people misplace & mistake my sense of humour & character… C’est La Vie.”

Julian Lennon released his sixth studio album ‘Everything Changes’, his first LP in 13 years, last month. Speaking about the album and his lengthy hiatus, he said: “I get twitchy if I don’t pick up a guitar or sit at the piano every now and then… I have to do it; I don’t have a choice.”