Julianna Barwick shares new single ‘In Light’ featuring Jónsi

Lifted from her forthcoming album 'Healing Is a Miracle'

Julianna Barwick has shared her latest single, ‘In Light’, featuring Sigur Rós’ frontman Jónsi.

The single premiered with an accompanying music video, directed by Joel Kazuo Knoernschild, which you can watch below:


‘In Light’ is lifted from Barwick’s forthcoming album ‘Healing Is a Miracle’, which will mark her fourth full-length to date. The album is slated for a July 10 release on Ninja Tune. Per a press release, Barwick said the title of the record came to her after “thinking about how the human body heals itself”.

Barwick also revealed that the collaboration with Jónsi was a longtime dream of hers: “I think he has the best voice in the world,” she said in a statement.

“And hearing my voice with Jónsi’s is one of the joys of my life.”

The two met via producer Alex Somers, when Barwick was recording at his Reykjavik studio in 2012. Prior to recording ‘Healing Is a Miracle’, Somers and Jónsi gifted Barwick a set of studio monitors which revolutionised the method in which she recorded music, having previously recorded all of her material on headphones.

“The first song I remember making with those was the first song on the album, ‘Inspirit’,” she said.

“When I added the bass I really felt it in my body, you know, in a way you just wouldn’t with headphones… it was kind of euphoric and fun. I got really excited about making the record in that moment, and I think that really had an impact on the sounds I ended up making.”


The tracklist of Julianna Barwick’s ‘Healing Is a Miracle’ is:

1. ‘Inspirit’ 
2. ‘Oh, Memory’ ft. Mary Lattimore
3. ‘Healing Is A Miracle’
4. ‘In Light’ ft. Jónsi
5. ‘Safe’
6. ‘Flowers’
7. ‘Wishing Well’
8. ‘Nod’ ft. Nosaj Thing

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