Juliette Lewis plays ‘loud’ gig in Morecambe library

Hollywood starlet get sweaty among the books

Hollywood actress-turned-rocker Juliette Lewis played a gig in a library last night (July 13).

The singer and her new band The New Romantiques played a lengthy set at Morecambe Library as part of the ‘Get Loud In Libraries‘ series of gigs.

Speaking to NME.COM before the show Lewis explained: “I’ve been thinking about this show for weeks actually, just the idea of having a rock and roll show in a library is very funny. It’s doing what you’re not supposed to do – making noise in quiet places. I love it!


“I’m expecting sheer joy [from the gig] tonight, I’m expecting to turn everyone into 10 year-olds, where they wanna rip the books off the shelves, but we’re not going to. They’ll be a lot of hip-shaking, smiles and beating hearts.”

The star joked that the crowd were all “in detention” as she took the stage for the set that included the likes of ‘Sticky Honey’, ‘Romeo’ and ‘Terra Incognita’.

“I think we put some energy into these books tonight,” declared Lewis who planted kisses on unsuspecting fans as she wrapped up the gig adding, “I’d like to thank you, Morecambe!”

For more on the library gigs head to Myspace.com/getitloudinlibraries