Juliette Lewis: ‘My new album is like heaven in a vat of lava’

Singer discusses 'Terra Incognita' with NME.COM

Juliette Lewis has described her new album as “heaven in a vat of lava that’s about to explode” and says the album is an attempt to “pour her sonic soul out” on record.

“I feel like this record came out of contrast of emotions,” the actress/musician told NME.COM. “Disillusionment, joy and pain, the contrast of sound… heaven and earth, really groovy big-bottom bass and drums and then very atmospheric mercurial guitars. I was trying to get my sonic soul poured out on record. It’s like heaven in a vat of lava that’s about to explode.”

Lewis worked on the record, entitled ‘Terra Incognita’, with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta and says the pair instantly agreed on how they both wanted the album to sound.

“He has a different groove for rock’n’roll, he makes you want to make your hips move from left to right rather than bob your head straight up and down,” she says.

Lewis, who will tour with a new band called The New Romantiques, says she disbanded former band The Licks in order to get closer to her own musical vision.

“I was changing my sound so drastically and what I wanted to do with songs, that I had to discover that in my own self as a musician. It was the first time I discovered a sound with a producer on record and then put a band together after the fact. To get purer to my own musical journey I had to shed everything that I knew before.”

She says that she will incorporate her favourite Licks material into the live show, and that she is prepared for some negative reactions to her new sound.

“I pick the best of the Licks stuff, some of it’s more simple, some songs I’ll reinvent,” she says. “Not everybody is going to like every song every record, every outfit. This is part of the journey, what am I going to do? Play it safe now? I’m just following my inner tornado.”

‘Terra Incognita’ comes out later this year.

–By our New York staff.
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