Jungle keen to work with Noel Gallagher

'We’d love to get in a room with someone who’s achieved so much,' says Josh Lloyd-Watson

Jungle have revealed they’d be interested in collaborating with Noel Gallagher.

Speaking to Loaded, Josh Lloyd-Watson of the London act said “of course we’d be interested in working with Noel. We’d love to get in a room with someone who’s achieved so much.”

Lloyd-Watson added that he’d have a few questions for Gallagher before the work got underway, should such a collaboration happen, saying:


“We’d need to spend at least 20 minutes quizzing Noel first, about, ‘How did you do that song?’ and, ‘What was that row with Blur really like?’”

Tom McFarland added “It’d be like going back to school. But the question really is, does Noel have any good riffs for us to use?”

Gallagher is a known fan of Jungle, having previously described their self-titled debut as “fucking amazing.”


Jungle revealed recently that they’re set to record the follow up to their Mercury-nominated eponymous debut, telling BBC Newsbeat they intend to record their second album in the same way as the first:

“I think we are trying to go forward and acknowledge it and sort of ignore it at the same time,” Lloyd-Watson said. “I think if you let those things get to you, you start to build yourself up into thinking you are someone and that is a sort of confusing thing.”

“We like the idea of going home, going back to the bedroom and starting again with it, rather than flying off to LA or New York.”


Meanwhile, McFarland expects the new material to be bolder than their debut. “I think the last two years, especially playing live and coming out of our shells gives you a lot of confidence,” he said. “If we can take that back into the studio, have a little bit of belief early on in our ideas, get to them quicker and then (we can) get the second record done.”