Jungle set to return to their bedrooms to begin writing second album

Band released Mercury-nominated debut in 2014

Jungle have revealed that they will turn down the chance to travel abroad when recording their second album.

The band released their Mercury-nominated debut ‘Jungle’ in 2014 and will soon return home to begin work on the follow up. However, in a new interview with BBC Newbeat, Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland of the duo confirmed that they want to maintain the same situation in which they made their early material.

“I think we are trying to go forward and acknowledge it and sort of ignore it at the same time,” Lloyd-Watson said. “I think if you let those things get to you, you start to build yourself up in to thinking you are someone and that is a sort of confusing thing.

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“We like the idea of going home, going back to the bedroom and starting again with it, rather than flying off to LA or New York.”

Meanwhile, McFarland expects the new material to be bolder than their debut. “I think the last two years, especially playing live and coming out of our shells gives you a lot of confidence,” he said. “If we can take that back into the studio, have a little bit of belief early on in our ideas, get to them quicker and then (we can) get the second record done.”

Jungle released their debut album in July 2014 via XL Recordings. It features the singles ‘Busy Earnin’ and ‘The Heat’ and was recently declared gold in the UK, having sold over 100,000 copies.