Junior Boys announce new album ‘Big Black Coat’, post title track

Canadian duo to release their first LP in almost five years

Junior Boys have announced their return with ‘Big Black Coat’, their first album in almost five years.

The record is due out February 5 and will feature the single of the same name, which has also been unveiled. Click below to listen.

‘Big Black Coat’ is the fifth album to be released by the group, which is made up of Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus. Following the release of ‘It’s All True’ in 2011, the pair have mostly been working apart. Greenspan released two solo singles and a collaborative EP on Jiaolong, the label run by his old friend Dan Snaith aka Caribou. He also co-wrote and co-produced ‘Pull My Hair Back’, the 2013 album from singer, songwriter and producer Jessy Lanza.


Meanwhile, Didemus – who’s now based in Berlin – started releasing solo tracks under the name Diva and launched his own label, Obsession.

“One of the nice things about doing the solo stuff,” Greenspan explains in a statement, “and in particular the album with Jessy, because it did so well, was that I could stop thinking about Junior Boys as being the thing I do and start thinking about it as a thing I do.”

“That meant I could work on Junior Boys music with the same spirit as I did when it was new. It was hugely liberating and invigorated me, because I was doing things I felt really good and confident about. I was really happy with the last two Junior Boys albums, but if I look back on it, they were challenging records to make, in a way that this one absolutely wasn’t.”

The ‘Big Black Coat’ tracklisting is:

‘You Say That’
‘Over It’
‘C’Mon Baby’
‘Baby Give Up On It’
‘M & P’
‘No One’s Business’
‘What You Won’t Do For Love’
‘And It’s Forever’
‘Baby Don’t Hurt Me’
‘Love Is A Fire’
‘Big Black Coat’