Reggae legend bows out after 30-year career...

Reggae legend Junior Delgado has died.

The singer – real name Oscar Hibbert – passed away in London, where he had been based – on Monday (April 11). His death was sudden and unexpected, but is believed to have been from natural causes. He was 46.

Over a 30-year career, he enjoyed hits like ‘Sons Of Slaves’, ‘Ragamuffin Year’ and ‘Away With Your Fussing And Fighting’ and was famed for pioneering the ‘roots’ style.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, he was nicknamed Delgado – meaning ‘skinny’ in Spanish. Initially he recorded with the group Time Unlimited, where he caught the attention of producer Lee Perry ‘Scratch’, with whom he would go on to record his most famous work.

He also notably worked with Sly and Robbie, Augustus Pablo and Adrian Sherwood.

Junior Delgado

had been living in the UK in recent years and was enjoying a revival, most recently with the ‘Invisible Music’ album.

He is survived by his wife Janet, their three sons, and four more children.