“Just trippin balls”: Kid Cudi responds to viral video of him dancing to MGMT

"My face was melting"

Kid Cudi has said that a viral video of him dancing gleefully at MGMT‘s Coachella performance showed him enjoying the start of an acid trip.

The American singer and rapper was filmed strutting his stuff on stage with the band during their set at the California music festival in April. The clip gained traction online in recent days after Genius posted it in a throwback Tweet sent on Thursday (July 11), writing: “kid cudi dancing to “electric feel” at coachella is my mood all summer”.

Cudi has since addressed the video and comments seemingly made about him appearing to be “drunk”. The artist has revealed that he was “just tripping balls” and his “face was melting”.


He wrote in a Tweet: “I dont know if I ever told yall this but, this was right when the acid started kickin in and I couldn’t help myself haha so no I wouldn’t say I was drunk just trippin balls. @whoisMGMT thanx for lettin me groove w you. My face was melting and I felt so fuckin free!!”

“Invite me next time,” said one fan beneth Cudi’s Twitter post, while another wrote: “This…is why…I fuck with Cudi ???.”

In other news, the rapper, who alongside his solo career has collaborated with Kanye West for the pair’s Kids See Ghosts project, has signed up to star in the forthcoming reboot of the Bill & Ted film series.

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