Midnight Juggernauts: ‘We cooked Justice dinner’

Aussies reveal how French band invited them on tour

Midnight Juggernauts have revealed that French dance act Justice invited them on tour after the band cooked them dinner down under.

“They came to Australia and we cooked them dinner,” vocalist Vin Vendetta told NME backstage after the band’s opening slot with Justice at Terminal 5 in New York.

Pedro [WinterEd Banger records owner], Xavier and Gaspard came to Andy’s house. We cooked them vegetable pockets and later we found out they liked meat, so I don’t know if they liked it so much. Then we went to France and they took us out to dinner in Paris and we said ‘oh, we might be playing in San Francisco with you guys’ and they said ‘why don’t you just do the whole tour?’ and we were like ‘uh, okay’.


The Melbourne-based trio are now preparing for a stint on the road in Europe.

“After this tour we move to Europe to tour with Digitalism and we’re doing some shows with !!! and the Justice guys,“ says drummer Dan Strictmachine.

The band are also preparing for the release of their debut album but, despite their presence in the dance scene, the band say the new record has a lot more to offer than dance floor beats.

“Our early influence was a lot of people in this scene, but also Alan Braxe from France and older bands like Yello, Pink Floyd and some ’70s Italian film directors and prog-rock bands.

“It’s not all about the dance floor, it’s about a greater mood you can create with the music. It’s broad, it’s not really a dance record at all, there’s stuff with acoustic guitars. We didn’t want to get tied down to any genre, it still has that indie-dance feel, but it harks back to the ’70s too.”

The band are still in talks to release the album in the US.


“We’ve never signed to anyone, in Australia we do everything on our own label so we’re very much pro-indie, we want to make sure we do it right,” says Vendetta.

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