Fan who had plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber reported missing

Tobias Strebel (formerly Toby Sheldon) was last seen on August 18 in West Hollywood

A Justin Bieber fan who spent nearly $100,000 (£63,000) on plastic surgery to look like his idol has been reported missing.

The Los Angeles-based British man, Tobias Strebel (formerly Toby Sheldon) was last seen on August 18 in West Hollywood.

“This is very unusual for him to be missing,” a friend has told ABC. “He hasn’t done any, not shown up for no reason, no note or anything.”

Strebel made headlines during 2013 when he claimed to have spent nearly $100,000 (£63,000) on cosmetic procedures to resemble the pop star.

Strebel, an aspiring songwriter, also appeared on a 2014 episode of E!’s Botched reality TV show. Watch a clip from that beneath.

Police are seeking any possible information on Strebel’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber recently revealed that he’ll no longer be playing Fusion Festival in Birmingham later this month.

The Canadian singer was set to headline the first night of the charity event, in support of the Prince’s Trust, on August 28. However, he broke the news on Twitter that due to an “unforeseen issue” he would no longer be appearing.

“I support the Prince’s Trust and I am deeply disappointed that I won’t be able to perform,” he wrote. “I look forward to the opportunity to give my UK Beliebers a great show in the near future, and hope to honour my commitment to the Trust at that time.”