Justin Bieber reportedly turns down $5 million offer to perform at Republican Party event

The Canadian pop star was told it would be a non-political event

Justin Bieber has reportedly turned down a fee of $5 million (£3.7m) to perform at a Republican event during the Republican Party convention in Cleveland.

According to TMZ, the Canadian singer had been informed that the event would not be political, and that he would not be endorsing Donald Trump or any GOP policies.

The offer sent to Bieber’s talent agency CAA allegedly required Bieber to perform for 45 minutes at a venue near the Quicken Loans Arena, where the Republican National Convention was held.

Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, who held a large fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s campaign at his L.A home in August 2015, reputedly had issues with the performance despite the non-political promise.


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The TMZ article goes on to say “We’re told Scooter told Justin it was up to him if he wanted to do the show, but he said he couldn’t continue to represent the singer if he did, out of principle. Scooter felt the GOP was using Bieber as its tool.”

Braun had supposedly requested to display banners saying “Black Lives Matter” during the event, but had the request denied, with the event organisers instead suggesting that they put up banners reading “All Lives Matter.”

The article also states that NBA star LeBron James, who was meant to attend an event in Cleveland that day, had decided not to attend and urged Bieber not to go.

Donald Trump defied The Rolling Stones’ ban on his music by playing ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ at the end of his speech at the Republican National Convention.

In May, the Stones issued a statement saying they hadn’t given permission for Trump to use the 1969 song, saying: “We have requested Trump cease all use immediately.”

But Trump played the song at the end of his 75-minute speech to Republican party members in Cleveland on July 22.