Watch gamers fail to recognise Justin Bieber because they’re too busy playing Pokémon Go

Star was amongst a crowd of Pokémon hunters running through the streets of New York

Justin Bieber managed to go unnoticed in a crowd in New York because people were too busy playing Pokémon Go.

The recently launched game is an app-based augmented-reality edition of the popular video game franchise and sees the fictional creatures superimposed into real life settings. Users can roam the real world to search for Pokémon.

The game has proved so successful that it recently became the most popular mobile game in US history.


Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun posted a video to Instagram showing Bieber running through the streets of New York on Sunday (July 17), playing Pokémon Go amongst a crowd of gamers. So engrossed in the game, nobody seems to recognise the pop star. Watch the clip beneath.

Bieber’s friend Alfredo Flores later uploaded a photo of himself and the star to Twitter, along with the caption “Central Park catching them all!” See below.


Earlier this week, a video emerged of Bieber refusing to hug a fan.

The pop singer has made headlines with his icy behaviour towards fans in recent times. Last week, Bieber told a fan that he didn’t want their “shit” gift during a gig, while he previously threw a fan’s present out of a car window. He has also stopped doing fan meet-and-greets, calling them “depressing”.


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