Justin Bieber still owes German authorities over abandoned monkey

The singer had to leave his pet Mally in the country after it was quarantined

Justin Bieber reportedly still owes money to German authorities over the seizure of his pet monkey Mally.

Earlier this year (March 2013), Bieber’s pet primate was taken away by German customs officials in Munich and placed under quarantine after the singer attempted to get the animal into the country without the correct legal documentation.

Authorities in Germany then filed legal documents to transfer the ownership of Mally over to a German zoo, after Bieber failed to meet the deadline to claim ownership of his pet.


However, a lawyer for the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation has now said that the pop star still owes German authorities money over the incident: “A copy of our letter was delivered to a staff member of Justin Bieber yesterday in LA at his arrival from Costa Rica,” Attorney Ellen Frederichs told CB! “As Mr Bieber should be informed about his payment obligations by now, we hope that he takes his responsibility and settles the costs he has caused to the public, just like anybody else would have to do.”

The bill, which is reportedly around £6,850, could be presented next time the singer sets foot in the country: “If Mr Bieber will not settle his costs, the payment might have to be enforced when he will enter Germany again”, the lawyer said.

Mally was the present of producer Jamal ‘Mally Mal’ Rashad for Bieber’s 19th birthday in March.

Earlier today, Bieber apologised for inadvertently disrespecting the Argentinian flag on stage during a show in Buenos Aires. The singer had been performing in the South American country onstage earlier this week (November 10) when fans threw two of their national flags onto the stage, which landed by Bieber’s feet. He kicked away at the flags and then used his microphone stand to try and sweep them away – you can watch footage of the incident by clicking at the bottom of the page.

Disgracing the Argentinian flag can be punished with a prison sentence of up to four years. Taking to Twitter to apologise for his actions, Bieber said he had been “shocked” by the reaction to the incident and said he would “never do anything to disrespect Argentina”.


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