Justin Bieber apologises for saying ‘Fuck Bill Clinton’ while spraying Clinton picture with bleach

Pop upstart has also angered ice hockey fans by touching the sport's most sacred trophy

Justin Bieber has reportedly made amends with Bill Clinton after a bizarre video clip surfaced online in which the singer appears to criticise the former US president.

In the leaked video clip, which was obtained by TMZ, Bieber can be seen urinating into a mop bucket before spraying a photograph of the one-time leader of the free world with cleaning fluid and saying “Fuck Bill Clinton!”.

According to E! News, Bieber has now spoken to Clinton, who is said to have told the pop singer something along the lines of: “If that is the worst thing you have ever done, all is well.” Bieber apparently cemented his apology for offering to take on charity work for the Clinton Global Initiative.

A recent tweet from Bieber seems to confirm that he and Clinton are now on good terms.

Meanwhile, the Clinton kerfuffle isn’t Bieber’s only PR disaster of the last 24 hours. Yesterday (July 11) a photograph of the singer touching the Stanley Cup – the most coveted trophy in North American ice hockey – caused indignation among fans of the sport, who felt that Bieber fingering the gong was disrespectful.