Justin Bieber sued for alleged attack on photographer

'Baby' singer accused of punching and kicking a paparazzo in shopping centre

Justin Bieber is being sued by a photographer who has accused him of punching and kicking him in an incident that took place in a shopping centre last year.

The Canadian singer allegedly assaulted paparazzo Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran in The Commons in Calabasas, southern California shopping centre as he and then-girlfriend Selina Gomez went to the cinema.

Duran claims Bieber started to leave the shopping centre in his Mercedes, but got out of his car and sprinted toward him. He then jumped into the air from six to eight feet away to deliver a martial arts-type kick to the photographer’s gut before punching him in the face.

The suit seeks unspecified damages for “severe and extreme emotional distress” and negligence. The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday, and so far Bieber’s side are yet to make a comment. It’s the latest in a long line of incidents involving Bieber. Most recently, he is reported to have forced a private plane to wait eight hours for his pet monkey. He delayed his flight from Miami, Florida while his minders searched for his new pet primate.

TMZ that Bieber rented the private plane to take him from Miami to Burbank, California. The jet was scheduled to take-off at 11am (ET) but the singer called to say he was running late. He finally showed up at the airport at 3pm, but delayed the flight further as he attempted to locate his monkey.

Another four hours passed before Bieber reportedly chartered a helicopter to pick up the monkey from West Palm Beach. However, the singer was eventually told that the flight could not be delayed further as the pilot’s duty time was running out. The plane was finally airborne eight hours after the scheduled departure, but it is not known if the monkey made it on board.

Justin Bieber’s previous pet monkey recently became property of a German zoo. Bieber is reported to have abandoned his pet after it was seized by customs officials in Munich, Germany in March (2013). Mally the monkey was kept in quarantine by customs on the German border after the teen pop star attempted to get the animal into the country without the correct legal documentation.

Authorities in Germany filled legal documents last month (May) to transfer the ownership of Mally over to a German zoo, after Bieber failed to meet the deadline to claim ownership of the monkey.