US study reveals majority of Americans hate Justin Bieber

Same poll also reveals that Adele is well loved in the USA

A new study has revealed that, on average, most American people hate Justin Bieber.

The teen pop star has millions of fans across the world but the evidence gathered as part of the Public Policy Polling group showed that Bieber received 54% in unfavourable ratings and just 20 per cent on the likability scale. The survey was carried out across America on May 6 and 7 with 571 voters taking part. Only Chris Brown (57%) received a higher rating on the unfavourable scale among voters, with also Lady Gaga earned a 50% unfavourable rating.

Adele, however, was challenged only by Taylor Swift to be America’s favourite pop star, with the London soul singer earning a 54% favourable rating, as opposed to Swift’s 53. Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake’s return to the music industry with new album ‘The 20/20 Experience’ helped boost his rating to 52% favourable, with Beyonce finishing fourth due to a favourable rating of 51%. Other artists who proved popular among voters included Rihanna split voters with a 39% popularity against 30% unfavourable. Meanwhile, the majority of Americans did not recognise Skrillex or Morrissey.

Justin Bieber has had a controversial year so far in 2013 with the singer recently involved in an incident in which a fan was tackled by security guards after managing to get onto the stage at a gig in Dubai. It was also reported that police found a small amount of drugs on his tourbus after pulling the vehicle over for a random inspection earlier this year.