Listening to Justin Bieber and One Direction makes you a better person, ‘scientific’ study finds

According to the research, listing to hip-hop, punk and trance makes kids 'delinquent'

While it might not get you any street cred, listening to so-called mainstream music such as Justin Bieber and One Direction will make you a better person, a study has found.

According to research conducted in the Netherlands, kids who listen to “unconventional music” – which they define as hip-hop, punk and trance, are more likely to become “delinquents”.

As The Atlantic reports, the ‘Early Adolescent Music Preferences and Minor Delinquency’ study assessed 300 school children aged 12 to 16 and found that those who listened to Justin Bieber or “highbrow” music (their words, not ours) such as Beethoven or jazz turned out to be model students.

School kids with better taste in music, rocking out to Sex Pistols or Odd Future, were more likely to commit crimes later on in life. “Music is the medium that separates mainstream youth from young people who may more easily adopt norm-breaking behaviors,” the study found.

It also suggests that “in peer groups characterized by their deviant music taste, norm-breaking youth may ‘infect’ their friends with their behavior.” So next time someone hands you that new Tyler, The Creator or Milk Music mixtape – be warned.

Last year, another ridiculous survey found that there really is a link between sex, drugs and rock’n’roll as boffins at Erasmus MC University Medical Center in the Netherlands said they’d drawn links between listening to loud music, smoking marijuana and having “risky” sex.