Justin Bieber accused of hamster cruelty

The California Hamster Association say he shouldn't have passed on pet to a fan

Pop singer Justin Bieber has been accused of “animal cruelty” after giving his hamster to a fan reports Hollywood Life.

The pop singer has set his hamster, PAC, on a “short path to its doom” according to the by the California Hamster Association, due to the distress the sudden change of environment will have caused.

The 18-year-old brought the hamster home in October this year. PAC has his own Twitter account, @PacBieber, where he tweeted: “Please don’t hate on my new owner. She’s taking really good care of me! :)”

The girl in question is fan Victoria Blair, who says she “has some haters now,” but believes Justin chose her “for a reason.” Bieber has yet to comment, and it is not yet known why he gave the pet away.

Bieber was also in the news this month following the arrest of two men who attempted to murder and castrate him after a concert. The men, Mark Staake and his nephew Tanner Ruane from New Mexico, were hired by prison inmate Dana Martin, who is currently serving two life sentences for the rape and murder of a 15 year old girl. Martin subsequently turned the assassins in for reasons unknown.