Police discover marijuana on Justin Bieber’s tour bus

Teen singer was not on board vehicle at time of discovery in Detroit

A random search of Justin Bieber‘s tour bus in Detroit this week saw police officials discover marijuana on board.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the search saw police discover the illegal drug, though Bieber was not on the vehicle at the time of the discovery, made by police dogs. Bieber was in Detroit on Sunday (July 28) to perform live at the Joe Louis Arena. Kenneth Hammond, chief officer and public affairs liaison for US Customs and Border Protection in Detroit, confirmed to the paper that the bus was entering the US from Canada via the Ambassador Bridge. Customs officers found and seized a small amount of marijuana as well as drug paraphernalia, Hammond confirmed, while the bus driver was issued a civil penalty.

This incident is the latest in what is proving to be a troubled year for Bieber and follows an incident earlier this month in which a photographer accused him of punching and kicking him in a confrontation that took place in a shopping centre last year. The Canadian singer allegedly assaulted paparazzo Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran in The Commons in Calabasas, southern California shopping centre as he and then-girlfriend Selena Gomez went to the cinema.

Bieber was also reported to have abandoned his pet monkey after it was seized by customs officials in Munich, Germany in March (2013). Mally the monkey was kept in quarantine by customs on the German border after the teen pop star attempted to get the animal into the country without the correct legal documentation.

Authorities in Germany filled legal documents last month (May) to transfer the ownership of Mally over to a German zoo, after Bieber failed to meet the deadline to claim ownership of the monkey.