Justin Bieber to collaborate with One Direction

Canadian teen star will record a track for the boyband's second album

Pop pipsqueak Justin Bieber and boyband One Direction are set for a collaboration.

The pint-sized Canadian singer, who is set to take the top spot in the UK Album Chart this Sunday (June 24) with his second album ‘Believe’, will record a track for the band’s second album, The Mirror reports.

“The One Direction guys are great,” he said. “We have a lot of fun whenever we hang out. They came over my house and we were just chilling out around the pool and listening to music. We were talking about me collaborating with them on a song on their next album. It’s gonna be great.” He added:

I asked them who else they would like to work with. They were, like, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez… Now don’t get me wrong those are all very talented artists but there seems to be a pattern emerging and, looking at the smile on the guys’ faces, I don’t think it was all about the music…

The 18 year-old singer said that the boys have managed to stay humble, despite their success on series seven of the X Factor. “The great thing about them is that they might be the biggest band in the world but they have stayed regular guys who are just fun to hang with. I don’t see them changing. They are just so grounded and have each other.”

Yesterday it emerged that One Direction’s Zayn Malik had been accused of “enciting jihad” and “pimping Islam” to young female fans in a savage online attack by a US right wing blogger.