Justin Bieber says he nearly quit music over false paternity scandal

Pint-sized singer says he was lonely and 'pretty sad' after Mariah Yeater accused him of fathering her child

Justin Bieber has admitted that he nearly quit the music business because of the false paternity claims that plagued him last year.

Mariah Yeater accused the teen squirt of fathering her child after an amorous backstage encounter at one of his gigs in 2011, but subsequently withdrew the legal action.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine about the scandal, Bieber said:

At the beginning of it all I was in Florida, away from my friends and family and I was pretty sad. I got to the point where I thought, ‘I don’t want to do this. I just want to be normal.’ It was difficult because I’d never gone through anything like that.

However, the singer – who also revealed that he had been inspired to toughen up due to advice from R&B star Usher – said he held no grudge towards Yeater, adding: ”I feel sorry for her more than anything. Everything that hurts you makes you stronger in the end. You’ve got to learn from the bad things that happen.”

Although the paternity suit may have caused Bieber strife, he has previously claimed it helped fuel his creativity – in April, he revealed that he had written a song about the saga for his new album ‘Believe’, which will be released on June 18.

Earlier this month (June 7), meanwhile, the singer inspired 300 “hysterical” girls to descend upon the ITV studios in London as they tried to catch a glimpse of him recording Alan Carr’s Summer Specstacular – just days after the teen heartthrob had been left with a concussion after he knocked himself out by walking into a glass wall (June 1).