Justin Bieber threatened with legal action over telephone prank

'Baby' star's Twitter banter could come back to haunt him…

Justin Bieber is being threatened with legal action by two victims of an online phone prank, according to reports.

The pint-sized popstar attempted to show off his sense of humour on Twitter earlier this month (March 12) by posting a phone number missing a final digit and instructing his fans to give him a call.

The jape looks to have misfired, however, as two residents of Texas, USA are angry with the singer because they’ve been bombarded with over a thousand phone calls by desperate Beliebers who had wrongly guessed the full phone number.


According to TMZ, a lawyer for the two people – identified as a woman called Dilcie and a man called Kent – described Bieber’s actions as “reckless” and said both of her clients wanted compensation for the inconvenience they’ve suffered.

So far, suggestions for how the star can make amends that have been put forward include financial compensation, tickets to see him in concert and an endorsement from Bieber himself for an upcoming online project that Kent is working on.

Last month (February 24), Bieber was reportedly consulting his own legal team about potential lawsuits so he could sue the makers of the ‘Joustin’ Beaver’ mobile phone game, which he alleges uses his likeness without his permission. He is currently working on his third studio album, ‘Believe’, with the first single ‘Boyfriend’ set to drop on March 26.