Justin Bieber writes song about false paternity claims

Teen pop squirt reveals Mariah Yeater is the subject of new tune on his album

“Baby, baby, baby” runs the chorus of Justin Bieber’s most infamously irritating tune – and it appears he’s approaching the subject matter in a far more literal way on his new album.

The teen pop squirt has revealed the record will feature a track dealing with the false paternity case leveled at him by American fan Mariah Yeater last year, reports The Sun.

Yeater claimed Bieber got her pregnant after a backstage encounter at one of the Canadian singer’s gigs last year, but subsequently withdrew the legal action.


Speaking at a London press conference yesterday, Bieber said he’d written “a song about that whole situation with that girl who said she’s having my baby – Mariah Yeater.”

He added of the track: “It’s about everything I’ve gone through.” Bieber had earlier taken to his Twitter page to aim another dig at Yeater, stating the pair had never met and posting an audio clip of Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Borat chiming “you will never get over this”.

Yeater had claimed that her son Tristyn was fathered by Bieber when he was 16. Bieber offered to take a paternity test before the case was dropped and Yeater’s ex-boyfriend apparently confessed to being the child’s father.