Justin Bieber’s perfume makes $3 million

Women's scent set to be one of the biggest sellers of the year

Justin Bieber‘s women’s perfume has generated more than $3 million (£1.9 million) this year, despite only going on sale last month.

Sales of the unfathomably popular scent, called Someday, are not to be sniffed at and have been compared to the success of Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez‘s perfumes.

Industry anaylst of the NPD Group Inc, Karen Grant told Frost magazine: “If it sustains this momentum, it will become the Number One selling fragrance of 2011. We haven’t seen anything like it since (Jennifer Lopez‘s] Glow and (Britney Spears‘) Curious.”

Bieber launched Someday at New York‘s Macy’s store, where is was sold exclusively for a period after its launch on June 23.


The chairman, president and chief executive officer of Macy’s Inc, Terry Lundgren, said: “Justin Bieber’s Someday fragrance, propelled by Justin’s incredible personal appearance at Macy’s Herald Square, has resonated with our customers, and has now become the biggest celebrity fragrance launch on record.”

The singer recently reached 11 million followers on Twitter.