Justin Bieber egg attacker arrested in Sydney

An unnamed teen has been charged on three crime counts

A 17-year-old who pelted Justin Bieber with eggs while he was performing onstage in Sydney recently has been arrested.

Police arrived at the teenager’s home this morning (May 5), took him to a police station and charged him with breaking and entering, trespass and malicious damage. The teen broke into Sydney‘s Acer Arena on the night of April 29, and threw a number of eggs at Canadian singer Bieber – also aged 17 – during his concert. Bieber was unharmed by the eggs, all of which failed to hit him.

The egg thrower, who cannot be named as he is a minor, has now been released on bail and will face the charges at a Sydney children’s court on June 2, reports Undercover.fm.


Footage of last week’s incident has been watched over 1,300,000 times online. Watch it by scrolling down and clicking below.