Justin Bieber ‘attacked’ in New York – watch video

Policeman mistaken for fan and stopped by security

Justin Bieber was “tackled to the ground” by a man thought to be an undercover police officer at a promotional event at Macy’s for a new perfume – scroll down and click to watch the video.

The incident occurred when fans became unruly and a plain-clothes police officer came to help the singer.

The security detail believed the officer was a crazed fan and defended the star, who was also said to have “swung at the assailant”.

The incident at Macy’s caused Bieber fans to flock to Twitter with one fan writing: “Tom Petterson better be arrest, not for JUST for attacking Justin, but for suicide, cause i think he knew that 1 belieber would KILL him!”.

However, Bieber‘s representative Matthew Hiltzik told The New York Post: “It was a momentary well-intentioned misunderstanding and the event went well. He’s completely fine and has no injuries.”

Earlier this year, Bieber was ‘egged’ on stage during a concert.